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JazzFunkSoul Reunion
at Charlie Wright, 45, Pitfield St, London N1 6DA 

YOU asked for it!! Again and again!

Sold Out


JazzFunkSoul Reunion - at Charlie Wright, 45, Pitfield St, London N1 6DA 

STUNNING news – we were informed JUST before our Reunion at the Phoenix on 22nd November 2014.  

 After  193 years , YES 193 YEARS, Charlie Wrights (Formerly the Queens Head) is going to be DEMOLISHED!

At the start of March, Charlie Wrights which had the name change in 1992 after the Landlord throughout the 1st World War, from 1910 to 1920 Charles Federick Wright and the entire 4 storey building it is housed in is being Demolished!

As a result we have hastily arranged a Reunion in two month’s time on FRIDAY 23rd January 2015 ! We had to go one more time before it's gone!

Charlie Wrights was our longest lasting venue (almost 4 yrs. there - EVERY month - 4 months longer than our first venue - The Phoenix, is being demolished after 193 years and we had to play there 1 more time before it goes.

It's been there since 1822, and will be just 7 years short of 200 years old when it's demolished! Real History!

We Hope you can join us - on FRIDAY 23rd Jan,

A few weeks later the old building will be GONE!

The Reunion at Charlie Wrights Stylee - WILL be a Roadblock – you KNOW that, so get them as soon as you can.

It will be the last time JazzFunkSoul will EVER play there.

Tickets will also be available in the week from wwwJazzFunksoul.com with DJ's Neville, Colin Scott, Stevie Day, and Special Guests, Fitzroy da Buzzboy and Chris Alexander, who have both played great sets regularly with us for over ten years.

Tickets priced as normal at £10 + a £1 admin fee to handle tickets and postage etc.  
There is NO admin fee if you buy tickets directly from DJ’s. But you can buy here right now from the website, the choice is yours!
This will be an all ticket night. Everyone MUST have a ticket to gain entry.

Let's GET DOWN in this great place - ONE LAST TIME!

JazzFunkSoul, on Friday 23rd January, 2015
10pm – 4am


Charlie Wrights, 45, Pitfield St London  N1 6DA

PS Remember this will be a FRIDAY. Every time before we have ever played there for the near four years that we were there has been a Saturday - so it's worth reminding you!

We're looking forward to a GREAT night bringing back all the memories with great music and atmosphere and of course YOU fabulous people!

Tickets are on sale NOW. Please get them now, as we would love all regulars from back in the day to be there.

JazzFunkSoul (as you know and should remember!) Plays ONLY the very best Jazz Funk Soul and Soulful Garage/Soulful House.

With a few of the best 70s and 80s Anthems, and a lot of the less heard Classics from THE dance decade 75-84, with Soulful House classics, thrown in!

We’re pleased that when we resurrected this format (plus Soulful House) that other clubs over the following years also did it, to make the scene even better.

Virtually no club played Jazz Funk when the club started and it was brought back - with a bang!

In addition None were mixing it with Soulful House.

We added a few more well known brilliant Soul tracks and the night was born!

It WAS Central London's longest running Soul night EVER!

It WAS THE place for the Ultimate music and people and it WAS the best Party in London!

It WAS without any doubt THE Funkiest Night Out There!

We hope very much to see you there, it will be a long time till the next reunion.



Jazz Funk Soul Reunion